Nili Yelin Wronski, THANK YOU for your thoughtful and inspiring Storytelling Workshop at Miriam's birthday party today! Chicago parents: If you're looking for an engaging, highly interactive, child-centered experience — that encourages a love of books – Nili is just wonderful. -Danny M. Cohen, December 7, 2014

"The highly popular Storybook MomTM" -Chicago Tribune Feb. 2007

"The most popular storyteller in these parts"
-Time Out Chicago March 2008

"The Storybook MomTM... she cracks me up" -posting on Spring 2008

"Thank you again for an EXCELLENT story time. My boys talked about you the entire way home. I know all the new moms will be bragging about you to their friends. Thanks again!" -Amber David, StrollerStrides, Windy City Fieldhouse Chicago

"We enjoyed having you and have gotten a lot of feedback from the children and teachers. They can’t wait until next time!"
Tammy Sanderson (Teacher) and Lori Reinwald
Twos/Transition Program Coordinator, Early Discoveries, Abbott's Center for Child Development

"It was a pleasure to meet you and to see your show. We were happy to have been able to sponsor it. You are truly a wonderful storyteller, and I am only sorry my youngest daughter wasn't there. She would have loved it most of all!! I will definitely have to come to another show. I also loved the books you chose to read. Amy Krause Rosenthal was the visiting author at my children's school last year." -Audrey Fosse, Founder, Homemade Pizza Company

"Thank you for your energetic and fun storytelling this evening. The kids had a great time. Anna was thrilled.
Thank you so much."

The Book Cellar, Lincoln Square

Nili has been our in-house storyteller from the day the bookstore opened. She has drawn a devoted group of kids and grownup alike. Our story times take place in our café and Nili says it is her dream come true. She always wanted to have a place that moms could drink coffee, talk and relax while their children were involved in a fun activity. One of the reasons she started performing interactive stories with children is from her own experiences of attending some very uninspiring children’s story times with her own young children. Her genuine love of storytelling and enthusiasm for the children’s feedback she gets comes through in every story time she leads. Storytime at The Book Cellar has become a very big neighborhood event and four playgroups have already come out of it as new moms meet and get to know each other. We have oversized colorful pillows on the floor and the atmosphere is informal and supportive. People even stay after story time is over because they are enjoying exchanging information and having their children play. Nili often stays as well, recommending books and relating her own motherhood experiences. She also loves to hold the babies! I am proud of our children’s book section as many of our offerings are selections Nili has recommended through her own personal experience of sharing these stories with many groups of children. I think she has at least three to five recommendations each week. She is also writing her first children’s book which I am excited to see as she lives in the world of children’s literature and has a great respect for the written and spoken word. Nili has often told me spending time in a bookstore is her idea of heaven. It seems that she reads as many adult books as children’s and I don’t know how she does it! When I asked her she said that reading opened up so many doors for her since she was a child and she is honored to share her love of books with others, especially children, who she says “are the best people?”

Mud Pies, Clothes and Toys for Good Girls and Boys

Nili Yelin has been the official storyteller of Mud Pies since May 2002.There is a tiny carpeted square in the back of the store that we and our customers fondly call “THE PIT”? and that is where Nili and the Mud Pies crowd squeeze in together to share stories, games, finger plays, music and on occasion a craft or two. Nili has a special rapport with the kids, sharing in their observations, excitement, and she is very good at adapting to whatever is going on at a particular moment. She shares her extensive knowledge of current and classical children’s books and is always finding new and interesting material to introduce to her young friends. Nili enjoys recommending stories to their parents and grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.
Nili has an offbeat, eclectic sense of humor that fits perfectly into the world of children. Her relaxed and unassuming style draws in even the most introverted child. Nili brings stories to life and the children respond with equal enthusiasm.


Nili Yelin, The Storybook MomTM, who we like to call “Really Nili” as she explains her unusual first name to kids by saying, “It rhymes with really,” has created a happening hot spot for the under 6 crowd here at Psychobaby. Twice a week the store fills up with twenty to thirty kids ready to “shake their booties”, do the “Storytime Stretch” and play animals, dragons, witches and other characters in Nili’s stories.

Each story time revolves around a particular theme and Nili blends together stories, music (hits of the eighties is a big favorite), dance, riddles, poetry and sometimes even a bit of Shakespeare. In her own unique style Nili uses improv techniques, stand-up comedy and interactive participation from her young crowd to create a fun time for all ages. The moms, dads, grandparents, nannies and even older siblings have a great time too.

Nili has an extraordinary gift for tapping into the imaginations of her audience to create interactive and memorable experiences. She is an ebullient literature-based storyteller, brimming with the spirit of laughter and fun, and her love of children’s books is so contagious! I wish every child could have the good fortune of seeing Nili bring a book to life.

XO, Esme Raji Codell

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome birthday party! Phoebe was in her zone being Cinderella and I know the kids were having a blast. I've received so many compliments from a lot of the moms saying how cute the party was. Thanks for making Phoebe's 5th birthday a memorable one!!”

Staci Rusch .
Happy mom Fall 2007

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