"The highly popular Storybook Mom"
-Chicago Tribune Feb. 2007

"The most popular storyteller in these parts"
-Time Out Chicago March 2008

"The Storybook MomTM... she cracks me up"
-posting on Yelp.com Spring 2008

"Mahalo for the wonderful story telling you provided at the Shedd Aquarium this past weekend. I’m so sorry I was not able to meet you in person, but I was the gal standing to the side watching you dazzle the children with a surf adventure."
Warm Aloha, Lisa

The Island of O‘ahu, The Heart of Hawaii
Lisa Mock | Director of Communications & Sales
O'ahu Visitors Bureau

Just Peachy PhotographyStory Time!

Welcome back to our Mom Around Town Blog Series! Today I’m here to introduce a special entertainer, The Storybook Mom, who specializes in children’s storytelling! Check out her interview here>>

Grand Booking

Interview with Nili Yelin, The Storybook Mom

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Nili Yelin, A.K.A. the Storybook Mom. A Wilmette resident and NU graduate, Nili is known throughout the Chicagoland area for her interactive style of storytelling and ability to communicate her passion for literature to her listeners.
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ABC News Chicago
First Night Evenston

New Year's Eve 2014–First Night Evanston

Sheridan Road
Nili Yelin’s Springtime Stories
February 6th, 2012 by MSimonette

Storyteller (and Wilmette resident) Nili Yelin—a.k.a., “The Storybook MomTM”—continues to bring her monthly performance series at the Bookmarket at Hanger One in Glen Town Center, 2651 Navy Blvd. in Glenview, from 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. on the first Thursday each month. After sounding her battle cry, “Let storytime begin!” Nili offers what she calls “sitdown stand-up” to entertain kids and their parents. All ages are welcome and the event is free. For more information>>

Jackie Pilossoph's Blog
I recently met a woman who I could not resist blogging about! She’s unbelievably talented, has such a cool background, and now she’s sort of famous as “The Storybook MomTM,” an engaging, dramatic, entertaining storyteller to young children all over Chicago and beyond.
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Wilmette Beacon
The Storybook MomTM
Wilmette's Yelin uses performance experience to entertain kids

by Alan P. Henry
July 13, 2011 | 01:48 AM

When the moment came for Nili Yelin to name her daughter 16 years ago, there was really no debate. It was going to be Emily, after Emily Dickinson, her favorite poet. It was Dickinson, after all, who wrote: "A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day."
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Stories, valentine making sweet for kids at library
February 15, 2011
Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts.

It can be fun for youngsters, too, as parents, children and other family members who visited the Wilmette Public Library on Saturday learned.

Nili Yelin tells stories to youngsters Saturday at the Wilmette Public Library to celebrate Valentine's Day.
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Kids will have fun, learn at Friendly Firefighter event
Kids need to know they can trust firemen. That's the reason for a Friendly Firefighter event, 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 11, at the BookMarket at Hangar One, Glen Town Center, 2651 Navy Blvd., Glenview.
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Stop, drop, roll, curl up:
The Storybook MomTM, Nili Yelin, of Wilmette, will join forces with the Glenview Fire Department at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 11 for storytime during the Friendly Firefighter event at The BookMarket at Hangar One in the Glen Town Centre in Glenview. Firefighters will go through fire safety demonstrations, which will be followed by storytime at 11 a.m.
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The Book Cellar (4736 N Lincoln Ave, 773-293-2665) 11am, free. A week’s worth of story times wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Nili Yellin, a.k.a. The Storybook MomTM and the most popular kids’ storyteller in town. We like catching her at this Lincoln Square store best so we can browse the awesome selection of grown-up titles and get a good cappuccino, too.
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Be My Guest! An Interview with Nili Yelin, Jack of all Trades, Master of Many from Planning Possibilities, New & Views Brought to You by Michelle Coussens, Plan B Consulting, www.businessplanningforyou.com

WGN News
Nili Yelin is a storyteller--part-time for kids and part-time for adults. A graduate of the Northwestern University theatre school, Nili spent twelve years in New York as a working actress in theater, film and television. She was a writer and performer for MTV Networks, appeared regularly on Saturday Night Live and performed her own original stand-up comedy in clubs throughout the East Coast.

The complete article can be viewed here>>

Daily Candy
-January 11, 2010

Chapter Fun
Nili Yelin's Storytelling Tips

Your little Antsypants thinks Goodnight Moon’s a snore and won’t sit still for Seuss. Help him get on page with these storytelling tips from Nili Yelin (a.k.a. “The Storybook MomTM”).
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Trib Local

Books on Vernon Event to Benefit Preschool
Families with young children are welcome to attend an ice cream social from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Sunday, April 25th at Books on Vernon in Glencoe where The Storybook MomTM, Nili Yelin, will read some favorite children's stories.
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North Shore Magazine
NorthShore Magazine, June 2008

diffin article

Queen of the Land
Nili Yellin–The StoryBook Mom
Posted By amandasimkin, On March 20, 2015
Nili at storytimeFor the past few months I have been suggesting some amazing pictures books for your little ones to promote the love of reading.

But as a Reading Specialist, I know that putting a book in your little ones’ hands will only take you so far. In order to truly instill a love of reading and learning, you need to provide your children with enriching literacy experiences.

Thankfully we parents in Chicagoland have the talented storyteller Nili Yelin Wronski, otherwise known as The Storybook Mom, to create engaging and enriching book experiences for your family. Read more>>

Mommy Nearest Logo
A shout out from Mommy Nearest!


Peek into the new Froyo in Lakeview

By Linda Marsicano
February 7, 2015

This location hosts a monthly storytime with The Storybook Mom, aka Nili Yelin, as well as The Fun Zone, a playroom with tiny tables and activities.
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Printers Row Preview
Read & Write: 3 more authors on favorite book characters
By Jeremy Mikula
July 18, 2014

Chicago-area authors continue to tell us about their favorite characters from childhood books as a preview to this year's Children's Read & Write Program, which invites children to submit book reviews for possible publication. Read more>>

Nili-Just KiddingThe Art of Storytelling
Pros say that knowing their audience, and endlessly practicing and tweaking stories, are the best ways to keep kids engaged.
by Allison Bowen
and Amanda Sims
2:59 p.m. CST, January 31, 2014

Parents may not spend much time thinking about their children’s “giggle level,” but professional storytellers do. The giggle level–a term some storytellers use to determine what children find funny at different ages–is just one tool they use to craft stories and performances. Knowing their audience, and endlessly practicing and tweaking stories, are ways to keep squirmy children, and sometimes grown-ups, engaged. We spoke to some of Chicago’s best-known storytellers about what makes them successful at their craft.
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Lake Forester

Actress brings drama to kids books
BY JACKIE PILOSSOPH | Contributor October 30, 2012 9:04AM

Jackie Pilossoph~For Sun-Times Media

WILMETTE — Nili Yelin was walking down the street last week and a heard a little girl shout, “Look! There’s the story lady!”

“I loved it,” said Yelin, who is The Storybook MomTM.

It’s a business she started five years ago, reading and dramatizing picture books to young children.
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On the Go Chicago
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Story!

February 8, 2012 by Cindy

Every night at my house ends with my kids begging me to read them “one more” story! Although I truly enjoy reading my kids books, I have to admit that I get a bit tired of reading the same books every night. I like to spice it up with new books, especially books that tie into the season or an upcoming holiday. Read more>>

Best of 2011

Best of 2011 North Shore
It’s gutsy to make a claim that something is “the best.” But our readers are a gutsy bunch. We asked and you answered.
Click here for Best Storyteller, Nili Yelin, "The Storybook MomTM">>
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September 2011
On the Block | A New Chapter
Boutique owners offer an educational shopping experience that appeals to book enthusiasts of all ages.

As children's retailers begin preparing for the bustling back-to-school shopping season, many merchants are filling their calendars with in-shop storytimes to entertain local children and lure customers.

At Alexis Eyler's boutique, Lollie, located just north of Chicago, tots are treated to regular performances by Nili Yelin, a 12-year veteran of New York's theater industry, a frequent Saturday Night Live guest and a popular storyteller in the Chicago area.
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Nili at Lollies
August 21, 2011
Lollie Storytime | Evanston, IL Children’s Boutique

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, Lollie hosts a free story time lead by Nili Yelin, (The Storybook MomTM). Join them for song-singing and story-telling fun. Nili is a vibrant, engaging storyteller who is a master at making books come alive. The story time is open to all ages and a lot of fun for kids and adults!
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From SNL and MTV to a Mom Who's Made Her Stage
Andrea Hart, George Slefo, and Philip Downie | Jun 1, 2011
This week's Patch Portraits also features two Skokie-based men who represent the past and present of serving the 101st Airborne Division. Click here for video>>

How Nili Yelin Became ‘The Storybook MomTM
By Tracey Labovitz
Nili Yelin has had a colorful career.
The Wilmette resident was an MTV writer and performer for 5 years, a background player on Saturday Night Live for 10, a successful stand-up comic, an off-Broadway performer, an extra in dozens of music videos, a voice-over performer and a commercial actress before she settled into her biggest performance yet.
TM" href="http://www.makeitbetter.net/make-a-difference/local-treasures/2355-how-nili-yelin-became-the-storybook-mom" target="_blank">Read more>>

VIDEO: North Shore Native, Former SNL performer Hosts Children's Story Telling
By Samantha Liss
A local mom and actress, Yelin entertains families with her animated story telling.
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Make your Fairytale Wishes Ome True radio show

Tomorrow is the first ever World Read Aloud Day. Pam Allyn author of “What to Read When”, and founder of LitWorld created this day to celebrate the wonderfulness of reading aloud to our children, or to anybody for that matter.

When we read out loud to our kids there is a super-special thing that happens. Everybody slows down, we focus on each other and the story, and we share an adventure together.
For today’s Top Five Tuesday post I’ve invited one of Chicago’s most popular storytellers Ms. Nili Yelin to share her five most favorite books to read aloud to her audiences.

Nili is known for making books come to life for children as well as teaching grown-ups how to make reading aloud to kids an amazing experience for everyone. She’s a performer at heart and has a nack for drawing kids in and presenting books in unusually new and exciting ways.
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Time Out Chicago
Summer 2009

Real "Desperate Housewife" Turns Her Passion into Something Creative for Kids
The 'Storybook Mom' ignites children's imaginations by combining storytelling with crafts music and dance.

OK, so she's not so much a 'desperate housewife' as a "frustrated artist,' but suburban Chicago mom Nili Yelin - mother of Emily, 10 and Matthew, six - has found a way to turn her passion for acting and storytelling into enriching entertainment for kids. A graduate of the Northwestern University theatre school, Nili spent twelve years in New York City as a stand-up comedienne and working actress, making appearances on MTV and Saturday Night Live, and performing her comedy in clubs throughout the East Coast. After marrying, relocating and moving to the Midwest, Nili needed a new way to keep her creative juices flowing, earn some money, and balance it all with being an attentive wife and mother. Fortunately, her overactive imagination came to the rescue.

Today she is in high demand, working the children's party circuit north and west of Chicago, and performing for diverse audiences everywhere from the Chicago Botanic Garden, to Chicago Parents magazine, to local museums and bookstores. She was recently invited to entertain children at Chicago's First Night 2004. She does anywhere for four to ten storytimes a week.

"It's a great job," says Nili of being the 'Storybook Mom.' "I'm having fun, and so are the kids - what could be more rewarding than that?"

Article by Amy Borell, Boston, MA, Nov. 2004

For reviews from the Chicago Botanic Garden and Chicago Parents, click here.

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